Tips For Creating a Great Guest Room

There are many interior design tips for creating a great guest room that can be found through out magazines, the internet or at your local library. There are also great shows on television that can help put you on your way to creating a great guest room that will have your guest wondering how you could afford to hire that costly interior designer. Here will touch on a few great ideas.

All you need is a little know how and to know what design style you are wanting to go for. A great guest room is one that holds little bits of the homeowner’s personalized items – but not so overwhelming that it makes your guest feel as if they are intruding. Making it a space that both can love and enjoy is not difficult if you know how to implement the right things into it.

You can start off by making the decision to go bright and sunny or calm and cozy. Either of these interior design styles can easily be achieved by use of paint, furniture and accessories. Really, once you have made the decision for the color of the room and the style of furniture you want to use, the rest is pretty much about accessorizing. Accessories can speak volumes for any room, including your guest room.

Have fun with your guest rooms in a way that you may not usually decorate other rooms. By this I mean you could have tasteful antique knick-knacks on the bedside table with an elegant bedside lamp – little flourishes go a long way. A vase with fresh flowers that match the room colors can be a nice and thoughtful touch. Matching towels and a soft cozy terry robe set on the bed would be very welcoming and comforting. All these things can be incorporated into the style and color of your guest room and it will leave your guest with a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling. But not too fuzzy, you don’t want your guests staying too long!