Answering Where Do I Shop for the Perfect Dress?

Before any important celebration or event many women ask themselves where do i shop for the perfect dress? Ideally, the best place to shop is a physical store because there is an opportunity to try on dresses to decide which is comfortable, appropriate for the occasion, and within budget. That is becoming less and less feasible due to store closings in massive numbers. A department store may still be open in town for casual clothing but will not have much in the dress section.

Go Online

Online shopping is the most popular way to find what is needed and wanted these days, hence all the stores closing. The selection is enormous, and the pricing is low, but shoppers must allow plenty of time to find a dress, order it, and try it on when it arrives on the doorstep. If the dress does not fit right there will not be time to sent it back for a different size. There are some sites that do not even allow exchanges.

Be Careful with Sizing

Not all sizing charts are created equal from site to site, or even within the same website. Do not go by the stated size number or a small, medium, or large description. Check the sizing chart for the measurements of each size. A medium for one dress can have the measurements of a womans’ size eight and the same size for another dress can have the measurements of a size ten.

Look at where the website originates. A size five-extra-large on a website based in the Korea will not fit a woman in the US who wears a size twenty-two, let alone one who wears a size thirty-six. This is not blatant size discrimination it is simply because most Oriental women are small and petite. It still makes a substantial difference in whether a dress will or will not fit.

Another Option

It is possible that the perfect dress is hanging in the closet. It may be something forgotten, a dress that did not fit but will now, or a plain dress that can be made formal with a scarf, the right jewelry, or a few alterations. Check the closet and see if all the stress and confusing with sizes can be avoided.